2015 Pantone of the Year: Marsala

Every year, I get so excited for the Pantone Color of the Year reveal. This year was no exception, but I have to admit… it wasn’t love at first sight. The hue de jour will be Marsala (Pantone: 18-1438).

Pantone Color of the Year Marsala

At first glance I thought, “What is this androgynous, red/brown?” I have to admit though, it’s growing on me. It has sort of a Byzantine, metallic quality that I am drawn to. It seems like a sharp turn away from the Fort Lauderdale-esque, bright hues of recent years. Change is good though, and I’ve decided to embrace this warm color and maybe even implement it and its complimentary colors into some designs in the upcoming year. To see Marsala in action, visit Pantone’s Pinterest board (while you are at it, maybe you can even stop by and check out some of my boards).

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