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As an Open Source CMS space cowgirl, with a passion for all things PHP driven, I am currently the Graphic Designer (print & digital) and Web Content Manager of a 12,000+ member Joomla website. I have assisted in the set up of a 30,000+ member Drupal website, and designed numerous small business websites on WordPress.

I am also a lean mean Adobe Creative Suite machine with a black belt in Photoshop (CS6,CC), InDesign (CS6,CC) and Dreamweaver (CS6, CC).

I can write you a love letter in HTML5 and make it beautiful with CSS3.

Here are some other things I can do:
Adobe: Illustrator/Photoshop/InDesign, Microsoft Office, XML, NetBeans, Oracle Front End Management, Google Analytics, Email Marketing and Design, Balsamiq Wireframes, Site Mapping, Social Media Marketing and Design, MailChimp, and Copywriting for the web.

No dream is too big!

-Toni Haste

Caelan & Annie at Sonora Caverns
Caverns of Sonora, Sonora TX