Why I Choose WordPress…

About 7 years ago, the non-profit organization I was working for needed a free, CMS solution that would allow us to have dedicated micro-site for our annual convention. We needed several things from this site:

  • easy to remotely update (as most work would be done on-site at the event)
  • provide space for sponsor advertising (preferable rotating leader board banners)
  • able to display interactive content (ex. videos, slideshows, etc)
  • display a different theme every year, as the event’s branding changed

We had recently re-designed our organization’s official website from static HTML to Drupal. While Drupal is great (especially for sites with massive amounts of resources and a members-only section), we needed something a little more flexible, lightweight, and easy for all staff members to update for our annual convention. The IT Director, introduced me to WordPress as an option and within a few days of playing with its features, I became completely hooked.

In the years since, I’ve designed several small business sites on WordPress, attended WordCamp Austin and WordCamp Dallas. It has stoked my interest in learning PHP and I’m playing with the idea of developing my own theme. The number one thing I love about WordPress is it’s community. This community develops and maintains themes and plugins for infinite uses. I haven’t had as much luck finding tools like SEO by Yoast, SharePrints Gallery, and Gravity Forms for Joomla (which I currently use in my day job, inherited from previous web designers). So often, I find myself thinking… “Geeze, if I needed this plugin in WordPress, I’d have already found it and be done by now.” Not so much with Joomla (I’ll save that rant for another day).

I heard a great interview with Nir Eyal, author of Hooked (on KERA’s Think). This book is at the very top of my “To Read” list for 2015. He discusses how businesses can create more successful products by making them habit forming . It seemed like every virtue of a habit forming product is something that is part of using WordPress. One of those virtues that your product has to have is, to be easy to use. He says that the easier a behavior is to do, the more likely the consumer is to perform that behavior. In my opinion, WordPress has that in spades! After I read the book, I will post a review here and follow up on the WordPress/Habit-Forming Product idea.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!